Published on June 8, 2009 Updated on April 20, 2016

UNITWIN is the abbreviation for the UNIVERSITY TWINNING and networking scheme. The Programme was established in 1992 following the relevant decision of the General Conference of UNESCO taken at its 26th session.

The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme was conceived as a way to advance research, training and programme development in higher education by building university networks and encouraging inter-university cooperation through transfer of knowledge across borders. Since it was set up in 1992 the programme has aroused great interest among Member-States.

  Today 655 UNESCO Chairs and 62 UNITWIN Networks are established within the Programme, involving over 770 institutions in 126 countries. The UNITWIN portal contains full information on UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks covering 70 disciplines and identifies the contact persons, partners, events and publications for each one.

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