A rich network of international links

The Chair has the advantage of a rich network of links and partnerships with universities and other bodies in every continent created by the IDHL over the last 23 years and by the Catholic University of Lyon.
This network has been built up in a search for diverse and complementary expertise and experience. It is particularly oriented towards partnerships with the countries of the South.
The Chair makes use of this network in its activities and has continued to expand it through its own initiatives, which are already extensive and advanced. Links have been formed with Qatar, Tunisia, Austria, Germany, Lebanon, India, Italy, Iraq, Georgia, Russia, the USA, Cameroon, Thailand and Spain, and particular attention is paid to co-operation with developing countries.

Future developments

We are planning to develop partnerships with other French Chairs to which we already have links (for example, Paris, Nantes, La Réunion et Strasbourg) and UNESCO-associated schools in France, in collaboration with the French National Commission for UNESCO.
Such partnerships will also enable us to co-operate with their networks.
As part of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (10 December 1948 - 10 December 2008), the Chair organised meetings with IDHL and participated in debates with UNESCO.
Through this exchange of knowledge and experience at global level, our Chair aims to contribute to mutual understanding and good relations between cultures, religions and peoples.