Certified courses

Published on June 8, 2009 Updated on April 28, 2016

On the grounds of their content, some of the courses given at the IDHL and in other UCLy departments have been ‘certified’ by the Chair.

These are:

Courses given by the Institue for Human Rights (IDHL) :

- Legal anthropology of human rights (J. Yacoub, Masters 1)
- Rights of minorities and indigenous peoples (J. Yacoub, Masters 1)
- Religion and human rights (C. Kabeya, Masters 1)
- Political foundations of human rights (R. Koudé, Masters 2)
- International human rights law (D. Agbodjan, Masters 1)
- Fundamentals of geopolitics (L. Gédéon, Masters 2)
- Economic,social and cultural rights (D. Agbodjan, Masters 2)
- Conflicts and the mediation process (A. Dizdarevic, Masters 2).
- International children's rights law (P. Boucaud, Masters 2)

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Courses given by the Faculty of Law :

- Comparative legal systems (Marc Ollivier, third year of Bachelor's degree in law).

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Courses given by the Ecole Supérieure de Traduction et de Relations Internationales (ESTRI, School of Translation and International Relations)

- History and theories of translation (Volker Mecking, fifth year)
- Cultural anthropology (Dominique Estragnat, fourth and fifth years, two courses).

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Courses given by the Institut des Sciences de la Famille (ISF, Institute for Family Sciences)

- Anthropology of the family; Family and culture (G. Eid and K. Arar, third year, European module, two courses).

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Other courses will be brought under the Chair in the future.